DT 210419

Politicians advocate return to family and Christian values in the opening day of the Conference on the Future of Europe

As the Future of Europe debates kicked off officially on 19th of April, one of the first conferences was about families and defending the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe. “The future of Christian Democratic values in the European Union” event was organised by Political Network for Values under the umbrella of the Conference on the Future […]

Katalin Novák

Families are the basic units of any society

Katalin Novák,  Hungarian Minister for families and president of the Political Network for values, has offered encouragement to pro-family forces throughout the world with recent comments about her nation’s commitment to protecting its uniqueness and its children. “We want to defend our children and let them be children without using them for any ideological purpose”. A […]

Katalin Novák

Novák: Family Protection Action Plan

Hungary, April 24th. Within the framework of the Action Plan for the Protection of the Family, Hungary aims to increase not only the number of marriages but also the number of children through bold measures such as the exemption from personal income tax for life for women who give birth to at least four children or […]