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The IV Transatlantic Summit will bring together politicians from 30 countries in Budapest to build an agenda for freedoms

The Political Network for Values [PNfV] will meet at Budapest on May 26 and 27 leaders and political representatives from 30 countries of America, Africa, and Europe in its IV Transatlantic Summit, to build an agenda that underpins human dignity, family and freedom. The event, which will take place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, […]

José Antonio Kast 04

Kast: linking, inspiring and articulating, these are the priorities of our Network

Empowering political leaders, linking them, generating global and local exchange. Promote and defend life, the family and fundamental freedoms in an increasingly effective way. To develop topics, inspire actions, coordinate and articulate efforts. These are the tasks for the Political Network for Values (PNfV) that José Antonio Kast, its new president, considers as priority. Kast […]