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Protecting the victims of the trans agenda is the theme of this year’s latest Transatlantic Dialogues

Children and women have become the main victims of the imposition of gender ideology in the public sphere, especially through the very aggressive “trans agenda”, which, paradoxically, is presented as a solution for exclusion, but causes the following situations: Minors with their healthy genitalia surgically modified adolescent girls subjected to the amputation of their breasts, […]


The Cortes Case: only the truth sets people free

By Fernando Guzmán Pérez Peláez | Rodrigo Iván Cortés, president of the National Family Front (FNF) in Mexico and secretary general of the Political Network for Values, has been sued for clearly denouncing that proposed modifications to the Law of Religious Associations, under the guise and excuse of supposed hate speech, actually want to criminalize […]


“In Brazil, the Judiciary imposes censorship and violates freedom of expression,” says Ives Gandra

The Judiciary exercises censorship against conservatives and intervenes politically in the electoral process to benefit a candidate, the leftist. Freedom of expression is threatened in a more dangerous way than under the military regime. The activism of the ministers violates the balance between powers ordered by the Constitution. No. It is not Venezuela or Nicaragua. […]