The Political Network for Values is a global platform and a resource for legislators and political representatives rooted in a Trans-Atlantic dialogue on shared values and aimed at collaborating as a network on a local and global level by actively defending and promoting the values we share.

Transatlantic Dialogues return and address political support for motherhood

September 16, 2021The Political Network for Values (PNfV) is back with its Transatlantic Dialogues and next Friday, September 17, will address the need for political support for motherhood by governments and the State.

Something is changing in Cuba

July 16, 2021 – Something is changing in Cuba. Something is moving. The sounds of freedom, shouting “Homeland and Life“, are heard in all corners of the Caribbean island. It is difficult to imagine what the spontaneous movement that has brought thousands of people to the streets could lead to, perhaps as never before in sixty-two years of communist dictatorship, but we can sense that nothing will be the same.

Spain approves a Transsexuality Law that affects minors; feminists and transsexuals criticize it

April 13, 2021The future of Europe can only be built from its past and its

Judaic-Christian roots, which we cannot renounce or forget if we want

our identity to be preserved; This heritage is the key to our future and

has already proven to be a guarantee for peace for just over half a

July 1, 2021 – A Law for Real and Effective Equality of Trans People was approved on Tuesday, June 29 by the Council of Ministers of Spain and provides that minors under 12 and 13 years of age can change their sex and name in the Civil Registry with a judicial authorization. From the age of 14, they will be able to do it with a simple administrative procedure, without evidence or witnesses.

October 21, 2020 – Members of the Spanish Bioethics Committee have unanimously opposed a

euthanasia bill, warning their government that the proposed legislation would oblige doctors to commit murder.


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