The Political Network for Values is a global platform and a resource of contents for Legislators and Political representatives rooted in a Trans-Atlantic dialogue on shared values. It aims to manage a network from local and global leaders to actively defending and promoting a decalogue of shared values ​​among which is the protection of Human Life, Marriage, Family and Religious and Conscience Freedom.

Alfonso Aguilar

President, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, USA

Carlos Beltramo

Director for Europe, Population Research Institute, Spain

Neydy Casillas

Vice President for International Affairs, Global Center for Human Rights, USA

Stefano Gennarini

Director, Center for Family and Human Rights, USA

Jacqueline Halbig von Schleppenback

Founder and Partner, Sovereign Global Solutions, USA

Elyssa Koren 

Director U.N. Advocacy, ADF International, USA

Sophia Kuby

Director, European Union Advocacy ADF International, Belgium

Andrés Felipe López

Expert, International Law, Professor at University of La Sabana, Colombia

Theresa Okafor

Director, Foundation for African Cultural Heritage, Nigeria

Carlos Polo

Director LATAM, Population Research Institute, Perú

Javier Fiz Pérez

Vice president Core Values Org.- Itinerari Previdenziali, Spain

Travis S. Weber

Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, USA

Jesús Magaña

Jesús Mañaga

Director of the citizen platform “Unidos por la Vida”


Diego Hernández

Diego Hernández

director of the digital newspaper D’VOX


Rubén Navarro

Rubén Navarro

Founder and President Center for International Development – CID

Geneva, Switzerland