The Political Network for Values, in collaboration with global responsibility, has developed the Youth Program that accompanies the preparation of international summits. In this environment, young people have the opportunity to attend a training program on the internal functioning and external management of the international organism where the summit is being performed. 

At the first Transatlantic summit held in New York at the United Nations facilities (2014), the structure of the United Nations was discussed, its internal functioning, how to lobbying from civil society and what is the impact of their pronouncements at the international level. Likewise, at the regional summit of the Americas held in Washington DC (2015) issues concerning the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights were discussed.

In addition to the participation in this training day, young people offer logistical assistance during the event and, at the same time, they have the opportunity to listen and interact with renowned political and academic leaders from more than 30 countries committed with the defence and promotion of life, family, marriage and freedoms of religion, conscience and education. This program is designed for those young people with political and civic restlessness, those who want to take responsibility for the future from today and aspire to exercise a leadership understood as a service, directing their academic projects and professional future to the construction of the common good in our society under one local and global perspective.

Program designed for young people with political and civic concerns



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International Training Program

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