“In Brazil, the Judiciary imposes censorship and violates freedom of expression,” says Ives Gandra

The Judiciary exercises censorship against conservatives and intervenes politically in the electoral process to benefit a candidate, the leftist. Freedom of expression is threatened in a more dangerous way than under the military regime. The activism of the ministers violates the balance between powers ordered by the Constitution. No. It is not Venezuela or Nicaragua. […]

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The Inter-American Court receives money that conditions its actions, denounces the Global Center for Human Rights

How would you feel if you are one of the parties in a lawsuit and the judge receives money from the other party? That is what is happening to many Latin American countries with the bodies of the Inter-American Human Rights System. The Commission and the Court receive money from transnational organizations, multinational companies and […]

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The calvary of Nicaragua reaches the Transatlantic Dialogues

Bishops, priests and nuns imprisoned illegally or expelled from the country, churches burned, media closed or censored, civil organizations dissolved by decree, political opponents persecuted, exiled or imprisoned, families subjected to the terror of a dictator. This is the current situation in Nicaragua. A Mexican member of our Network, Fernando Rodríguez Doval, called this situation […]