The European Parliament approves a resolution that considers abortion as a “right”

The European Parliament (EP) approved last Thursday, June 25, with 378 votes in favor, 255 against and with 42 abstentions the Matić Report that considers abortion as a “fundamental right”, ignores the sovereignty of the Member States, and demands, among other things, to repeal conscientious objection for doctors and health institutions. The report is now […]

Diálogos Transatlánticos – Avances políticos en la protección de la vida humana- dos experiencias de éxito – 210528

Next webinar of Transatlantic Dialogues present two successful political experiences in the protection of human life

The Political Network for Values ​​(PNfV) will present next Friday, May 28, in its Transatlantic Dialogues webinar series two successful political initiatives in defense of human life in the period of gestation: the Heartbeat Bill that is being promoted in the United States, and the ban on abortion for malformed fetuses in Poland. At the […]

Predrag Matic, eurodiputado

The Political Network for Values denounces the radical Matiĉ Report and calls the members of the Committee to recover the core values of the European Union

Brussels | The European Parliament’s FEMM Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality is going to meet on 10-11th May this week for discussing the draft Resolution of MEP Matiĉ, which presents abortion as a “fundamental right” and calls Member States to abolish conscience clause, threatening fundamental right to life and freedom of conscience. The […]


The ban on eugenic abortion in Poland a great triumph for the Pro-Life movement

The decision was issued by the Constitutional Tribunal last year, but authorities delayed its official release after mass protests accompanied actions of violent radicals. In the Fall, the decision sparked outrage from abortion “rights” supporters, and mass protests were organized in Poland, accompanied by violent actions by radical activists and even acts of vandalism against […]