Jacqueline Halbig

If national legislators ask their governments to embrace the Geneva Consensus, it will be effective despite the US leaving

On January 28, President Joe Biden withdrew the United States from the block of signatory countries of the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD). 34 signatory countries remain. The document affirms that there is no “right to abortion” and that the health of women must be promoted by respecting human life from conception, strengthening the family and […]


Tennessee Passes Bill Banning Abortion After Six Weeks

Tennessee lawmakers, on Friday, passed one of the nation’s strictest abortion restrictions, banning the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected at about six weeks, which often occurs before a woman even realizes she is pregnant. The “heartbeat” bill follows a wave of similarly stringent anti-abortion measures passed by Republican-majority legislatures in an effort to […]


Argentina: “For The Two Lives” International Day

More than 40,000 people gathered in front of Congress to celebrate the first For Two Lives International Day, a global initiative with an epicenter in Argentina and coinciding with the first anniversary of the rejection of abortion in the national parliament, where a strong call was made to court of ballot to vote provida candidates, especially […]