Next webinar of Transatlantic Dialogues present the results of 10 years of family politics in Hungary

The Political Network for Values ​​(PNfV) will present next Friday, June 18, in its Transatlantic Dialogues, the successful results of a decade of public policy aimed at strengthening the family in Hungary. We will talk, in this online event, with Balázs Molnár, vice president of the Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families, and former […]


Transatlantic Dialogues: Democratic Institutions at Risk. The case of Chile

The Political Network for Values is organizing a new Webinar on October 9th within the framework of the “Transatlantic Dialogues”. TIME 07:00 hrs. Guatemala, San José, San Salvador 08:00 hrs. Mexico, Bogota, Lima, Quito 09:00 hrs. Washington, Santiago, Asuncion, Caracas 10:00 hrs. Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Montevideo 14:00 hrs. Lisbon, Greenwich Mean Time 15:00 hrs. Madrid, […]