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Germany: socialists and liberals gain ground

By Bence Selmeczi | This was the first election when the incumbent Chancellor did not run and the serious question arose as to who would be Merkel’s successor, Scholz or Laschet. The decision was made; however, we are far from the final results. As previously predicted, conservative forces will have tough times after losing Angela […]


The Budapest Demographic Summit brings together leaders of 5 governments and commits to the family as the key to sustainability

“Family: the key to sustainability”: that was the central theme of the IV Budapest Demographic Summit, held on September 23 and 24, with the presence of leaders of five European governments, and scientists, academics, politicians, businessmen, civic and religious leaders  of 18 countries. In addition to the host, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, […]

The values of Europe and the seizure of language

By Alberto Bárcena | The majority standpoint in the European Parliament, according to its latest manifestations, necessarily leads us to promote a practice of discernment that should urgently be taken not only to the Chamber but also to a public and media debate – to the citizens. It tries to impose, without allowing the smallest […]