Summit iV - abril 2021


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Welcome Cocktail Reception

Mr Álvaro Uribe, former Prime Minister of Colombia


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Summary PNfV Colombia Summit 2019 (Duration / Length: 4 min.)

Testimony of Liana Rebolledo: kidnapped, raped and pregnant (2:26 min.)


Jaime Mayor Oreja

Former Member of the European Parliament and Former Minister of Home Affairs, Spain

Mª del Rosario Guerra

Member of Senate, Colombia

Álvaro Uribe

Former President of Colombia

Zoltán Balog

President of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary. Commissioner to the Prime Minister, Hungary

Julio Borges

Diplomatic Representative before the Lima Group, Venezuela

Kazimierz Kuberski

Viceministro de Familia, Trabajo y Política Social, Polonia

José Antonio Kast

Founder of the Republican Action Movement. Former Presidential candidate Chile.

Sharon Slater

President of Family Watch International,​ USA

Obianuju Ekeocha

President of Culture of Life Africa, Nigeria

Valeriu Ghiletchi

Member of the Council of Europe. Member of Parliament. Moldova. 

Lars Adaktusson

Member of Parliament, Sweden

John Milton Rodríguez

Member of Senate, Colombia

Luis Losada

CitizenGO Director for Latin-America, Spain

Katalin Novák

Minister of State for Family and Youth. Hungary

Juan C. Romero Hicks

Former Presidential Candidate and Member of Parliament,Mexico

Sarah Flood-Beauburn

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saint Lucia

Brian Brown

President of International Organization for the Family, USA

Thomas Jacobson

Global Life Campaign, USA

Garnett Genuis

Member of Parliament, Canada

María San Gil

Ex-Presidenta del Partido Popular en el País Vasco y Vicepresidenta de la Fundación Villacisneros, España


01/04/2019 · Political Network for Values

The Transatlantic Summit III of the Political Network for Values ​​will gather political leaders from 30 countries in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

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01/04/2019 · Political Network for Values

Program Transatlantic Summit III Colombia 2019

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